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Sam Winchester

2 May 1983
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Name: Sam Winchester
Fandom: Supernatural
Birthday: 2nd May 1983
Occupation: Hunter
Family: Father: John [Deceased], Mother: Mary [Deceased], Brother: Dean
[FROM IMDB.COM] Samuel "Sam" Winchester ( aka The Boy King) is the son of John and Mary Winchester & younger brother of bad boy supernatural hunter Dean Winchester. He was born May 2nd, 1983. His mother was killed on the night of his 6 month birthday when a demon engulfed her in flames. Sam then lived on the move with his father and brother learning to hunt supernatural beings. As Sam grew older the strain between he & his father intensified upon Sam's discovery of his brother and father's hunting of evil beings. After a while, he decided he no longer wanted to hunt and eventually left to go to Stanford University. It was there that he met his girlfriend Jessica Moore who was later killed by the very same demon that killed his mother.

After this second tragedy in his life, he decided to team up with his brother Dean once again and hunt all supernatural evil in hopes of one day finding and killing the demon that plagued his life. Along the way, Sam began to realize he had certain powers within him. He began to have visions of the future and a kind of telekinesis that allowed him to move objects with his mind.

Unsure of the extent of his powers and how to use them, Sam now lives on the road with his brother in search of the demon and answers to questions of his new abilities. He died in 2007 in the battle to kill the demon that murdered his mother and girlfriend but was later revived when Dean sold his soul for Sam's life. Sam's soul purpose in life, now, is to save his brother from his early flight to hell.
Sam's Dean is, and always will be, the awesome getinlinebitch.

1) [verse] canon
Any posts regarding canon events of all Supernatural seasons will fall into this verse unless it is encompassing Sam's main verse below.

2) [verse] sam's diary
Over time, a diary entry for Sam for every canon episode will fall into this verse. He will reference only canon events here, and it will serve as an avenue to get into Sam's head and see what he was thinking during each episode. Each diary might only refer to one tiny portion of the episode or he might cover the whole thing, depending on what is most prominent in his thoughts at any given time.

1) [verse] safe in new york city
This is Sam's MAIN RP VERSE, aptly named after the AC/DC song, Safe in New York City. It is an AU version of Season 4, which kicks off when Dean returns from Hell. Dean doesn't know why or how he returned and he doesn't much care to find out. He's now got to readjust to life back on the surface, and rocking up on Bobby Singer's doorstep reveals that in his absence, his wayward brother has landed himself in a hospital in New York City after trying to kill Lilith.

Sam, on the other hand, has little recollection of the showdown with the demon bitch. The confrontation left him in a coma, and upon waking, amnesia has taken his memory back to the events of Season 1. He doesn't know Dean swapped his soul to save his life, he doesn't know Dean went to Hell, he doesn't even know the Impala got totalled and resurrected. He has been a long-term patient in a hospital in New York. He knows who he is, but when it comes to Dean, he is left with a confused jumble of vague memories and a stark awareness that Dean isn't there with him, and Dean should be there, right?

Note: We pick up writing in this verse prior to any entry by Castiel, Lucifer, angels, etc. etc. which is where we go AU. Our aim is to take Dean and Sam back to Old School SPN, where they don't know angels exist and their life is just spent on the road, in the Impala, doing what they do best - Hunting.
INACTIVE | For etrelibre_rpg, Sam will arrive on the island directly following Supernatural Season 3 episode 5 "Bedtime Stories" after his showdown with the Crossroads Demon. His etrelibre_rpg verse is completely independant to his muse verse.
Sam is available for roleplay. You can contact him or his mun at THIS POST.
Sam Winchester is from CW's Supernatural is the property of Eric Kripke, and the CW. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. I am not Kripke, or Jared Padalecki. No harm or copywrite infringement is intended.
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